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Puggles Rule

Web Store

Web Store

The Webstore was created to help my local Animal Welfare Association.

From each Mason Jar Candle sold, I will donate $3.00 to the Animal Welfare Association of Camden County.

All of the candles are home made, by me. They are clean burning, triple scented, and have amazing scent throw. People will know them locally as Flutterby Creations Candles. It is very expensive to make candles of this quality and I do not have a large profit margin. They are made in small batches and it takes a whole day to make one batch so get them while you can. I will be listing them as I make them.

I will also be selling items from my various collections with various amounts to be donated to my charity. The amount will be listed in the description of the items. I will be adding such items as vintage dinnerware from Pfaltzgraff and Fiesta. I have a wide variety of items from collectible teapots to Star Wars Memorabelia.

I am limited in the amount of items I can offer at one time so keep checking back to


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